March 28, 2014

Practice Page #34

I don't typically assign homework over the weekend, so I wanted to give parents a heads up with the following blog post: 

Last night's Practice Page was all about warming up our minds with respect to Persuasive Writing. We've been talking a lot in class about writing detailed, high quality sentences/bullet points with respect to supporting our thinking. Last night's Practice Page was an opportunity to practice this skill.  

Last night, students were asked to create an idea web around the question: "What should our class pet be?" They were required to come up with four compelling reasons as to why their chosen pet would be a good fit for our classroom. 

Some children have been asked to redo this Page (#34) over the weekend. 

Some of the reasons for this are: 

  • the child may have misunderstood the activity's instructions (perhaps they thought they had to write about their favourite animal)
  • the reasons for their suggested pet lacked detail
  • the reasons for their suggested pet were not sufficiently persuasive
  • the quality of the work (e.g. printing) did not reflect overall classroom expectations 


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