April 07, 2014

A bit of a "makeover"!

During indoor recess on Friday, I asked the boys and girls to help me with an idea I had. I always loved the idea of the carpet being under the window. It seemed like such a cozy space for us to gather. At the same time, I have never loved my desk placement with respect to the Smartboard. You need a larger desk or table if you have a Smartboard. You need a place for your computer, document camera and DVD player. But a big desk takes up a lot of precious real-estate in a classroom.  What to do,what to do? 

I decided on Friday to "Just do it" as they say! My students helped me move the books and stuffies and saved me a whole Saturdays worth of work by putting everything back on the shelves for me in their new homes! Would you believe we did this all in just 35 minutes?  

I think our room looks great! It reflects my "home away from home" approach to learning environments, and although the carpet is no longer under the window, I still think we've managed to achieve a nice degree of coziness! 

Friday at 11:50

Friday at 12:25


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