May 15, 2014

6 Days to go!

We are working very hard to get ready for our booklets!  We have six school days to go until we begin writing and we're right on track! We have one quick Math unit to complete and in Language Arts, we're in review mode.  

We're reviewing all the different types of writing formats we've explored this year:

  • Reading Response With Evidence (RRWE) questions
  • Reading Response With Evidence Plus (RRWEP) questions
  • letter writing
  • procedural writing
  • comparative writing 
  • narrative writing 

We are also continuing to learn our "Parts of Speech" song and reviewing things such as: 

  • how to use quotation marks
  • the importance of stating our purpose for writing
  • proofreading our work with a whisper-phone to make sure it makes sense before we call it "done" 
D is proofreading using a whisper-phone made by
Mr. M with plumbing-pipe stuff from Home Depot! 


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