May 10, 2014

Thank You

Today marks the end of "Teacher Appreciation Week" in Canada and the United States and I want to take this opportunity to thank the parents and families of Room 208 for your support and kindness not only this week, but all year long. 

Teaching is a wonderfully rewarding and challenging job. I'm never,ever bored and always looking for ways to make each year better than the last. 

We're like a little family in Room 208 with our own inside jokes and fun ways of gettin' it done. From the child that independently took on the job of being "head pillow arranger" to the child who all on her own decided that she'll be in charge of putting the left over milk in my fridge, we really are like a little family.  

We take care of each other. 

Just like our students, teachers come to school after having a rough start to the day, a lousy sleep or a forgotten lunch. Sometimes we too need a hug from a friend, a shoulder to lean on or a special treat to brighten our day. 

Whenever I arrive to school needing a bit of a boost, I receive that in the warmth and enthusiasm of your children. They're "my kids" for the day and my day is always brightened immediately when I stand at my door and shake their little hands as the enter the class.

My hope is that when your children come to see me each morning they too feel lifted, loved and cherished. 

I hope they too feel appreciated every day because I certainly do.  


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