May 06, 2014

That was fun!

Thank you so much to the parents and guests that were able to join us this morning for Morning Message. Aside from a sniffling teacher, that's pretty much how each morning goes in Room 208! Great way to start the day isn't it? 

We begin our day with a look at what we'll learn that day, have an engaging discussion, review a few skills, read our Poem of the Week and then read a storybook.  

It's a realy nice, predictable routine that gives me plenty of room for creativity, but still allows the boys and girls to enter the classroom with confidence, knowing what to expect from their morning.  

I feel as though as long as we do Morning Message, the day goes smoothly. On those rare days where we don't do some kind of MM, I feel like we're all "off". 

Don't you love the level of participation? The quality of responses? And can we take a moment to appreciate the way the children transition from one activity to another? The way they get out their slates quietly and quickly, move from their seats to the carpet and back again?This helps us to make the most of our learning time and I'm sure it's why we are able to accomplish so much each day.


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