May 13, 2014

Tonight's Practice Page

We're focusing on story writing and features of a poem this week.  Tonight's Practice Page is a question based on a poem from an earlier EQAO assessment. 

We've talked about how this particular question is a tricky one.  Students know that they'll need to provide evidence from the text to support their idea.  

We've talked a lot this year about "making your point" and how sometimes an author will find creative ways to do this.

Here are some of the ways we've discussed: 

  • they use italics like this: I am very happy.
  • they use bold text like this: I am very happy. 
  • they use all uppercase letters like this:  I am VERY happy 
  • they'll use persuasive language or questions (e.g. Don't you want to be as happy as me?) 
  • in a poem, an author might repeat phrases throughout the poem to bring your attention back to "their point" 
  • they might use punctuation to make their point by writing one or two word sentences: such as: I am. Very. Happy. 


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