June 11, 2014

Quite a conversation this afternoon!

What started out as "Hey, let's get rolling on our Father's Day cards kids!" ended 20 minutes later, with an hilarious conversation that covered the following topics:  

  • what the classroom dads looked like in the 80s 
  • which dads had *HUGE* hair as a teenager
  • which dads won costumes at Halloween parties
  • why were eyeglasses so big back in the 80s and 90s? 
  • every one of us comes from love
  • there's nothing quite like a fresh sour key 
  • why do moms take apart Lego projects just because company is coming?
  • the Tooth Fairy and how moms have to sign a letter that tells the Tooth Fairy if she should take the child's teeth with her, or leave them so the mother can collect them 
So much fun! 

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