June 10, 2014

Today's Math Quiz

Unit 10 is all about patterns in numbers and geometry. This morning, the boys and girls had this quiz pictured below. 

I'm headed to a workshop this afternoon, so I will finish marking the quizzes tonight and send them home on Wednesday. I thought this was an interesting question that really gets the kids thinking about the same pattern presented in two different ways.  

Some possible answers might include: 

  • a pattern in a line can still be a repeating pattern but there's only one pattern 
  • the order remains the same in a line pattern and on a grid
  • on a grid, more patterns begin to develop (e.g. the shapes repeat diagonally or in the columns) 
Pictured below is a sample of a level four (4/4 score) provided by one student (click on the photo to make it bigger). 


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