September 03, 2014

Day Two!

Our second day of school was another hit! 

We began the day the way we'll begin everyday moving forward: with our morning handshake in the hallway. The boys and girls line up with their lunches and their agendas and I shake each of their hands as they enter the classroom.

If you are a teacher yourself, I highly recommend this as a way to begin the school day. It's a wonderful way to welcome each student in the morning. Greeting my students at the door each day not only teaches them about how to give a good handshake, it gives me a chance to connect with each one of them before our day even starts. 

Those quick conversations we have each morning go a long way in making each child feel at ease and an important member of our classroom community. 

We moved on to copying our agendas together. We reviewed that routine and talked about the importance of responding to any notes I might write to the child in their agenda. 

We are working on a booklet called, "All About Me" that I'm really looking forward to sharing with you on Curriculum Night. The students are sharing all kinds of interesting facts about themselves and at the same time, I'm able to show them how we use the Smartboard and Document Camera to help us with our assignments.  

It's kind of a 2-in-1 activity in that sense! 

I had some fun this morning modeling my own answers on the Document Camera. This helps the boys and girls know the quality of written work I'm looking for, and at the same time, demonstrates the extent of my fine art skills known as "stick people with big mouths".  


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