September 26, 2014

Fall Y'all Day was a hit!

We had an absolutely spectacular day today! It was such a thrill to greet my students this morning all dressed in their western duds!  

I cannot wait for our next theme day! We had a ball today! The applesauce was a real hit and the boys and girls learned a thing or two about procedural writing. We are going to continue work on our Fall Y'all folders next week as we didn't as much done as I anticipated. I have a tendency to over-plan and that's usually served me well because sometimes a lesson just, you know, flops. But everything was a smooth as can be today, so that leaves us with a few carry-over activities for next week. 

Please be sure to check out our newest photo album on!  The day was a huge success and I want to thank parents for your support. To the boys and girls: thank you all for a wonderful and memorable day!  

It's Fall Y'all! (click here for photos)

Look how great the Fall Y'all folders turned out! 
The boys and girls learned about how to complete a Venn Diagram, the difference between an adjective and a noun, how to spot a compound word and look forward to playing the super-terrific board game tomorrow!


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