September 13, 2014

That's a wrap!

We had a terrific second week of school and wrapped things up with our second "Fun Friday" yesterday. 

On Thursday, as part of our Morning Work (more on that in a later post) we got to talking about all the delicious foods we can make with apples.  Our list was quite extensive (and delicious!). Apple pie, apple crisp, apple-sauce, you name it, we had it on our list! 

This was the page that got our bellies rumbling!

I thought it would be fun, on Fun Friday, to have the boys and girls make their own Apple-Men. You know, an apple with great running shoes because let's face it, when you think about it, it really doesn't end well for the apple in most of those delicious foods we talked about.   

Because of all that work we did with the Number-Sense Math folders, this first Art activity was a smooth as you can imagine. Judging by how well the kids worked, you would have thought this was the 10th week of school, not the second! 

You simply must check out the photos from the event. These kids are talented!  I planted a seed (get it? Seed? Apples?) that maybe the kids might want to make their apple-guy look tough or angry so as to fend off the apple-peeler, and as you'll see in the pics, a few kids did just that!  Others went for the cuteness factor, which would probably also be very effective. 

Remember to ask the kids for the password to the albums!

Please note: winkflash is going out of business at the end of the year. Classroom albums will be securely posted at 


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