September 24, 2014

Wednesday's Homework

We have started doing "Morning Work" to replace what I once called "Morning Jumpstarts".

Morning Work is work that students complete as soon as they've copied their agendas in the morning.  The students receive 15-20 minutes to complete the page and if it is not completed in that time, it becomes homework. 

We do Morning Work about three times a week. All children will write: "Complete Morning Work" in their agendas, but if they complete it in class, they won't actually have it for homework that night. This system is just easier and more efficient than having only those who actually have it for homework writing it down. Children who do not have it for homework are always allowed to erase it from their agendas.  

Here is today's Morning Work.  I have explained to the boys and girls that I'm looking for a very detailed paragraph about the character they'd like to meet from our novel and why. Their work must look smart(neat and tidy)and sound smart (make sense).  

Here are the character's names in case the children need a little prompting: 

Carla Davis

Here's a printable copy of the worksheet in case another one is needed.  

September 24 Morning Work 


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