October 15, 2014

Does this sound right?

This is the question I'm asking the boys and girls to ask themselves before they hand in their work. Even if they're just checking in with me to see if their work is on track, I still want them to use their whisper-phone to make sure their writing sounds right. 

I want my students to be able to proofread their own work to find errors such as the ones in the sentences below:

Jeremy probably won't get those shoes because the store will are sold out of them. 

Maribeth Boelts wrote the story because she good at story-writing and wants us to learn about whats and needs. 

I can relate to this story how because I wanted these shoes that was too expensive.

As you can see, these sentences are well on their way to being on track, they just need that extra proofreading with the whisper-phone. 

To help support my students, I think I'll create an activity where they have to take an "almost there" sentence and give it a bit of a makeover.   


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