October 14, 2014

Good readers pay attention to what?!

Good readers pay attention to words. 
You read that right. 
Today the boys and girls learned that writers choose words carefully. They also have ways of telling us how they want their words read. 
I read the boys and girls the story called The Duckling Gets a Cookie?! by Mo Willems. His stories are a wonderful springboard for our discussions about how writers give us clues as to how to read their books aloud. 
Lately we've been talking a lot about how writers use ?! at the end of a sentence to write a question with a lot of excitement and curiosity. Students are encouraged to use our little discoveries in their own writing.  

I've encouraged the kids to read more of the Mo Willems' storybooks we have in class to practice their fluency skills. 

Have a look at the photos to see some of the other points we reviewed today. 
There's an example of how writer's use ?! to add expression. 

The Duckling is a small character. His text is also smaller.
Perhaps we should read this with a "small" voice.

Here you can see the difference between the text used for the
Pigeon and the Duckling. 

The Pigeon is yelling and his words are in all capitals with
red around them. He's one mad pigeon! 

Ellipses and the word nice in italics tells us to take a long pause
and then say the word nice with extra expression. 


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