October 08, 2014

The Thing About Georgie

We are currently reading this wonderful novel by Lisa Graff at Evening Meeting (3:00-3:15 everyday). 
We're loving it! 
It's about a boy named Georgie who is facing some real challenges in life. Georgie was born with Dwarfism and we're learning about some of the ways his home and school support him. He's also dealing with some big personal problems. You see, his mother is pregnant and his parents are thrilled. Georgie's not all that excited to go from being the only child, to a "big brother". 

He's also trying to figure out what's going on with his best friend Andy. It seems Andy and another boy Russ are hanging out a lot and while Andy encourages Georgie to join in the fun, Georgie's not cool with sharing his best friend.  
We are about halfway through the novel and we're really enjoying the adventure together. Today the boys and girls will learn who Georgie will be partnered with for their President's Project. 
Georgie would love to be partners with Andy, but it's not looking like that's going to happen. 
Will his partner be Jeanie the Meanie? We'll find out today! 


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