October 03, 2014

Thursday's Math Quiz

We had our first Math quiz on Thursday. The quiz was scored based on the four levels of achievement.

Many children had the correct answer to the problem ("There were 7 children from Grade 3 in the pumpkin patch). However,to score a level 4 on the quiz, students also needed to explain their strategy in a clear and logical manner, using the relevant details. 

I've also explained to the boys and girls that we do not need to use precious space to write things such as "and that's how I got my answer". Students are also encouraged to use their whisper-phones to proofread their work to make sure it "sounds smart"(makes sense). 
As a class, we reviewed the quiz yesterday, as soon as everyone had finished writing. We looked at level four answers on the Smartboard. I would like to share some sample level four responses here so that you're able to see what I was looking for and continue the discussion at home with your child. 

I've also included a copy of the quiz for you to download should you want your child to rewrite their answer as extra practice or for correction purposes. 

As part of our writing program, we will continue to work on explaining our thinking with only the essential details.

Unit 2 Quiz 1-Printable (click here) 



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