October 02, 2014

You can't always get what you want...

...but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need! 

We're talking about needs and wants as part of our study of the storybook called Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelts. 

This story is a great one for teaching students about making connections.  Since the first weeks of school in my class are spent writing about what we read, I love using this very relate-able text because everyone can participate actively in our discussions. It really helps me set the tone for our reading workshops. 

The story is all about a boy who really wants those fancy shoes that all the other kids have but they are very expensive and his family is not able to buy them.  
The book is a great springboard for a discussion about the difference between wants and needs and how we can help others. There are also many higher level thinking questions that can be generated for students to respond to. 

I've created a booklet for students to complete based on this story and it focuses on what good readers do before, during and after reading a text. I have tried to mimic the EQAO format with this and all my self-created learning materials. 

Over the last two days, we have talked about words we anticipate we'll find in the text, the difference between wants and needs, along with the typical needs and wants of a third-grader. 

Tomorrow, we'll look at the "During Reading" questions I have created where students will be required to share their ideas in full sentences with attention to both conventions and ideas. 


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