October 26, 2016

Homework help needed

When completing homework assignments such as the Practice Page, parents can I ask for your support in a few areas? 

Successful homework completion is a skill that must be taught. I'm working to help my students see that the work they do at home must still reflect the overall expectations we have in the classroom. For example, I ask students in class to make sure their work is printed neatly and easy to read, and this expectation also extends to homework. As I say often in class, if I can't read it, I can't mark it.  My hope is that this will help them to develop the home-study habits they'll need for future grades.  

Can I trouble you to take a few moments on homework nights to review your child's completed work to make sure it reflects the following: 
  • the work is neat and easy to read
  • the work has been completed according to instructions (for example, if I have asked for students to provide reasons for an opinion, they have done so)
  • the answers make sense 
I'm not asking you to mark the work, just give it a once-over to make sure that it meets both the criteria above and the instructions stated on the worksheet itself. 
Your support is so greatly appreciated. I think this helps to lay the foundation for some really successful habits in the later grades.   


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