December 11, 2014

So many things "wrapped" up!

The boys and girls have finished their sorting folders AND their Mrs. Claus paragraphs and they're fantastic! 
The sorting folders are coming home for you to see tonight. Please return them tomorrow.  
I am so thrilled with the quality of work the boys and girls have produced this week. Those Mrs. Claus paragraphs are truly something special. The level of detail and though that went into them is just incredible. I know you'll enjoy reading them when they come home.  

I'm writing students only a brief feedback "note" as opposed to a letter, and this is how feedback will work for the rest of the year. We have achieved some significant milestones in our writing, so long letters will no longer be required (in most cases). I think this will all be a little more clear when the Mrs. Claus paragraphs come home for your review/signatures. 

Today in Math, we talked about "nets". Those paper cut-outs of shapes that can be folded into a three-dimensional shape like the one pictured below. 
We'll do this actual activity after the holidays!

This particular one helped students see how a cube is composed of six congruent squares. We tried to see if you could make a rectangular prism out of six congruent rectangles, but nope, it wouldn't work.  ;) 


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