January 16, 2015

Friday Funnies

I've been encouraging the Student of the Day to bring in a little something to present to the class at 2:00 pm. The kids are loving it and it's really sweet how they'll ask the SOTD in the morning, "Did you bring anything for your 2:00 prezzi?"  

We go alphabetically by first name with Student of the Day and we're back at the top of the list on Monday. 

The Student of the Day is responsible for all of the classroom jobs such as attendance, Prayer leader, Morning Message reporter, etc. It's also great way for me to be sure each child has their turn at all the classroom jobs because for one day every few weeks, they own it! 

Today's 2:00 presentation featured Tristan's alligator head from Florida.  While it was being passed around, I heard some of the funniest comments: 

"You can start it on the other side of the classroom so I can think about whether or not I want to hold it. Plus, I think I'm allergic."  

"I'll just touch it with my pointy finger."  

"Oh look, he has a cavity!" 

"The eyes are looking at me."  

In Math today, we took a poll. I asked the boys and girls to vote for their favourite type of chip.  One of the options was "other" and I explained to the kids why we must always offer that when creating a poll where there are an infinite number of choices. This was one of the focuses of my lesson today.  

Before we tallied the votes, I had the following conversation: 

Me: Which chip do you all think will be most popular? 

Kid A:  Doritos

Kid B:  Salt and Vinegar

Me: Really? But when you eat Salt and Vinegar, your mouth gets all sore from the vinegar!



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