February 01, 2018

Unit 5 Practice Test

The boys and girls will have their Data Management test on Thursday February 8. 

I have prepared a practice test that can be downloaded here. In addition to this Practice Test, the student workbook will also be helpful.  

The boys and girls are bringing home a study guide on Friday that will assist with preparing for the test.  We'll still have one more quiz early next week and I'd also like to review parts of a bar graph with the class.  

In the meantime, here's an extra practice problem for the boys and girls to solve at home.  Printable copy here.

Questions to consider: 

  • How many more girls want to be a cheese tester than boys? 
  • Why do you think more teachers would like to be a professional sleeper for a day? 
  • How many people altogether voted for puppy player?
  • The data for how many girls voted to be a ninja for a day is missing. If 22 people voted for a ninja altogether, how many are girls?  


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