March 01, 2016

Counting Money The Easy Way!

As part of our problem to be solved in Math today, we needed to review our counting money skills.  

I have a three (or is it four?) step strategy that I teach kids. Sometimes we find that the biggest mistake made when it comes to counting money is that decimal. 

For your convenience, I've made a quick video that outlines the strategies taught today. It's not fancy but it does cover all the key points that were reviewed in our lesson today.

In case I didn't emphasize it enough in the video, please stress to your student that keeping the decimal in line is essential to accuracy.  

Again, the video isn't fancy, but it does cover today's lesson nicely. 

And for those kids who are extra keen and have some time on their hands tonight, here's a sample problem to work on. We call these types of problems "Bake Shop Problems" and we'll do lots and lots of them until we all feel confident in our skills!  


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