February 06, 2015

Friday Funnies!

Some of the funniest moments from our week: 

While watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie during indoor recess... 
The Ingalls family has some strangers appear on their land and Charles (the dad) isn't sure yet if they are friend or foe: 

Mr. N comments:  If I was that Dad, I'd just use my karate moves on anyone that tried to come on my land. 

When the scene showed the Christmas turkey cooking in the fireplace, our mouths began watering and Mr. C informed me that if he was there, he'd eat all the skin.  

When little Miss S had her eco-club meeting on Thursday, she came to school with her 3D glasses on and informed me that she "Wore her glasses so she'd look extra smart for her meeting."  

While watching (listening really) to me read the Blackout story on Youtube, little Miss C says, "That's not you reading is it? That person sounds so young."  (I can't make this stuff up.) 

When our Student of the Day brought in her nifty remote controlled fairy for her 2:00 presentation, she demonstrated how it worked. As it went crashing to the ground, Mr. B quiet comments to himself, "That's my favourite part right there."  

When I spoke with another Mr. N this week, I said to him, "It's pretty funny how last night every photo you liked on my instagram had you in it."  Mr. N throws both arms up in the air and waves to the crowd.  

We moved our desks around today and most kids changed partners. When one little chickadee realized she was sitting right in front of me, we had a little conversation:

Chickadee: Mrs. M, I get to sit right in front of you!!!
Me:  Yes, that's where I put all the naughty kids. ;)
Chickadee: That's okay! I like sitting in front of you!
Me: But that means you're naughty.
Chickadee: (smiles proudly) And I'm okay with that! 

Hope your week was as fun as mine!  

Thank you to all the boys and girls for a terrific 20th week of school! Can you believe we are already halfway through the year!? 


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