February 17, 2015

It was not Monday.

I wish I could blame this one on Monday, but I can't can I?  It was Tuesday today. 
This morning, just like every morning, the kids come in the classroom, copy their agenda and move on to their Morning Work. 
Well, this morning, my intention was to explain one particular agenda item right away: read the poem of the week aloud to two pieces of furniture.  
But then the pancakes arrived. 
So then I decided to explain that agenda item after the pancakes. 
But then by the time we had eaten and cleaned up, Mrs. Hill arrived to teach the kids their Music lesson. 
So then I figured I'd explain it after Science with Mrs. C. 
But then Mrs. Dawson arrived for her weekly friendship lesson.   
Surely there would be time after lunch to explain this very odd agenda item. 
We moved on to Math in the afternoon where the kids enjoyed a really fun lesson/activity with the i-Pads.  

You know when I finally remembered I needed to tell the kids what I meant by "Read the poem of the week aloud to two pieces of furniture"?  
Just now!!! It's 8:00 pm!!! 

So there you have it. My students went home today with absolutely no idea as to what their crazy teacher meant when she asked them to read a poem to the couch.

I have written three Post-it notes and set one alarm on my phone to remind me to do this tomorrow. 

This was almost, but not quite as bad as the day I couldn't figure out why I wasn't able to unlock the door to my house.   

It took more than a few tries to realize I was trying to use my classroom key.  
Read to me for homework! 


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