February 27, 2015

The Pioneer School House

On Thursday, the boys and girls learned all about the pioneer school house. It's one of my favourite lessons of the year. 
I started the lesson by asking students to record any questions they had about life as a student back then. 

After that, we were off! The boys and girls really enjoyed learning about what school was like for children over 150 years ago!  

Some of their most favourite facts were: 
  • teachers were not allowed to marry, wear jewelry or lipstick!
  • the teacher taught all the grades in one room!
  • boys and girls entered through separate doors
  • the reason we still have July and August off is thanks to the pioneers! 
  • the teacher would sometimes live with a student's family for months at a time if she could not afford a home of her own
On Friday, I gave the kids a follow-up challenge. They were asked to write about something they want to know more about based on what was covered on Thursday. I was very impressed with the quality of the questions! 

Here are the (edited-for-the-blog) photos I shared during our lesson on Thursday!


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