February 13, 2018

What's F.A.C.E?

You may recall we spent the first 20 or so days talking about the habits of good readers. 

February/March is a good time of year to revisit the basics and make sure we're all on track.  "FACE" really helps students understand what we mean when we talk about "What good readers do/look like".

We'll talk about what "FACE" means this week as part of morning message and we'll continue this discussion into next week as well.  

Fluency means our reading sounds smooth, kind of like the way people talk. 
Accuracy means we can read all the words correctly. 
Comprehension means we understand what we read.
Expand my vocabulary means we use the words from our reading in our day-to-day conversations and writing. 

For fun over the next few weeks, we're going to read pretend announcements as part of our Morning Message in order to practice FACE. 


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