April 06, 2017

Do you follow us?

Whether you're Apple or Android, you can follow @meandmythrees on Instagram!  It's like a whole other mini-blog over there and it's one of my favourite ways to share our day-to-day news with families and friends.  It's also terrific way for parents to interact with us and enjoy a glimpse into what makes 208 so great. 

You can always see the rotating photos here on the blog, down in the right corner, but by following us on Instagram, you can really join in the fun in a unique way and see the new pics right away! 

I especially love it because sharing the news of our day can be done so in a much more timely manner than blogging. 

If you haven't checked out our page yet, please consider following my class here at Instagram.  

Hope to see you there! 


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