April 13, 2015

Fractions Quiz #1

We had a fractions quiz today (pictured below) and I want to review the criteria for a Level 4 answer.  

Here's the quiz: 

After the quiz, we took it up as a class and talked about the criteria for a Level 4 response.  

A "4" needed to include/demonstrate: 
  • That Lea ate more jelly beans than Carson
  • An understanding that they were being asked about two days worth of jelly bean eating, not just one. 
  • That Lea ate 14 jelly beans.
  • That Carson ate 10 jelly beans.
We also talked about how "explain your thinking" or "EYT" does not mean telling the reader the steps to how you solved the problem, but rather how you know you're right (it's a fine line, that's for sure).  

I find that with repeated exposure to samples of effective EYT-ing and then "process explanations" students begin to see the subtle differences and can self-correct.  

The responses pictured below are great examples of effective EYT-ing.  


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