June 03, 2015

Mid-Week Round up!

I was concerned that I had bit more off than I could chew this week, but we're just about right on track!  We haven't gotten to that carnival brochure I mentioned earlier in the week. We'll take care of that next week.  We still have tomorrow, but let's face it, we have some pretty big plans for Thursday in our classroom, so I'm thinking next week will work out just fine.  

In Social Studies this week, we've talked about how Canada is truly a land of opportunity. This great nation really does have something for everyone! We've talked about how the land has really shaped how and where people settle.  It's also shaped the various industries in our country. We have skiing in Whistler, white water rafting in Ottawa and beautiful scenery to take in out East! It's really been fun this week talking about the variety of ways one can earn a living in Canada based on our natural resources.  

We wrapped up Unit 10 in Math on Wednesday with our test and that brings us to the end of the Grade Three Math curriculum.  I can't get over this for a couple of reasons: 1)Where did May go and 2) I still keep thinking we have all kinds of time together!  This has been one of the fastest school years ever. Fall Y'all Day seems like yesterday and now here we are, the day before the "big party"! 

We recorded our News Report today and oh my word...it's fantastic! We have one more part to add tomorrow and then I'll begin editing it all together.  We broke it down into 16 sections to make life a bit easier. Once it's all pieced together, I'll be sure to post it here on the blog.  

So there you have it, we have one fabulous party to go and then that's it for Week 37!  Be sure to visit the blog on Friday to see the photos from Thursday's big event! 

This week, my read-aloud focus was on books that would evoke a response of some kind. We've read funny books, sad books and books that took us on an emotional roller coaster.  We have one more to go on Thursday that should evoke lots of laughs! 


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