June 09, 2015

Such a change!

Now that EQAO is all done and behind us, boy has our Morning Message ever gotten shorter! It's still one of my favourite parts of the day, but now it's just, well, lighter!  
We still do the letter that outlines the plan for the day. And we still do the weather and some type of countdown where we can review number-sense skills; but overall...it's way, way shorter!  

Have a look at some of the new-ish things we've added to MM.  

For calendar, the kids practice both rounding numbers AND counting money amounts to represent the number of days we've been in school. 

Today we added a page called "Ideas for Summer Fun" and here we'll revisit a favourite page from the start of the year. The kids really enjoyed our "Photo of the Day" back in the Fall, so I decided to bring it back in a way. What's super-cute is that I told the boys and girls these will all be photos from things I found on google/pinterest and if they were interested in making/doing them, they should record any key information I provide so they can talk to Mom and Dad about it. I loved how many pencils were moving with these two photos today! 

It's pretty incredible how a photo or two can really get the conversation going.  I enjoyed chatting with the kids today about which treat they preferred and why. 

This slide is all about fluency! We take the same sentence, tweak it here and there and it totally changes the meaning! Go ahead, try reading each sentence aloud and you'll see what I mean! We've really enjoyed reading these four sentences and the hilarious discussions that follow. 

The minds of 208 are really working hard on analogies! Each morning I put up a new one and the students must finish it. And I'm really fussy! I really want my students to think critically about their response to the prompt. You would be so impressed to see the growth that's taken place over the course of the year with respect to how quickly and easily the boys and girls can determine the "answer" to the analogy. 

Starting next week, the boys and girls will learn cursive writing as part of Morning Message. My *hope* is to create videos for the kid to watch and then post them here as well for home-practice. I've never done a cursive demo-video before, so I'm not promising anything!  

It's hard to believe we have just 12 days left together. I don't know where the time has gone, I really don't.  
Have the kids had as much fun as I have? I certainly hope so. It's been a great year, that's for sure.  

Buuuuutt...we still have 12 days to go, lessons to learn and fun to have, so I'd better log off the ol' blog and find some more delicious treats to show the kids in tomorrow's Morning Message!  


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