June 30, 2017

September Goals

If you have a child coming in to Grade Three this Fall, all Grade Three teachers ask that students can complete the following tasks on their own before the first day of school:  

  • spell their first and last name
  • know ALL their important phone numbers by heart
  • tie their shoes
  • spell, from memory the words on their "No Excuse" word list found here
  • identify when they've mixed up the letters b and d when writing 
  • count by twos, fives and tens to 100
  • know how to add and subtract single digit numbers 
  • memorize all their doubles addition facts such as (2+2, 3+3, etc. up to 11+11)
  • tell time to the hour   
Of course, there may be circumstances where achieving these goals may not be possible for some children. If this list is too much for your child, parents, we ask that you pick three or four goals for your child to work toward. Please keep in mind, the first four are the essential goals. 

The Grade Three teachers at our school are goal setters, and we believe in order for all students to be successful it's essential to always be working toward a specific target. In addition to the academic success that comes with achieving their learning goals, when we set goals, we teach children about the value of hard work and perseverance and we help them to develop and improve their self-confidence.   


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