September 09, 2015

Day two!

Another fly-by day here in Room 208!  We reviewed the routines, expectations and procedures covered yesterday and then we introduced a few new ones. After that, it was time to get to work!  

Today we talked about: 

  • How to shake hands (we start each day with a handshake at the door) 
  • What to do if we arrive late to school 
  • What are silent interruptions (small things that interrupt everyone's learning)?  
  • Where do we put mail for the teacher? 
  • How do we complete our agendas? 
  • The difference between silliness and fun (can't have fun if there's silliness) 
  • Good readers take care of books
  • What's the routine around Morning Message? 
We also reviewed our Poem of the Week (POTW) and talked about the weekly tests (each Friday).  You can find more information on the weekly POTW tests here.  

We also did some more work on our "Sailing into Third Grade" booklet. Today we wrote about our families and things we enjoy doing at home and at school.

Mr. M and I are a family of two and we enjoy interesting adventures 
where he claims we're not lost.   

I would say today was a more typical "Room 208" kind of day.  We're settling in nicely and we are well on our way to that kind of classroom motors along on its own while the teacher gets to focus on great lessons and exciting learning activities. In my opinion, that's the best kind of classroom there is! 

A few reminders for parents: 
  • please send your child to school with indoor shoes that can remain in their locker for the year
  • please send a set of markers or good quality pencil crayons 
  • please sign the agenda each night (students earn valuable table points when it's signed!) 
  • please bring your child to school on time  


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