September 28, 2015

LOL! I have the secret!

Wanna get your class to pay attention and have kids tell you you're the best teacher in the world?  Serve them this on a Monday morning!  

As part of Morning Message, we've been doing a cross-country tour of all the Provinces. Right now, we're travelling through New Brunswick. 

The boys and girls have learned that you'll find the world's longest covered bridge in Hartland, NB, along with lots of potato farmers and the Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company.  

Chocolate covered chips are the one of the most popular flavours! I thought perhaps my students might like to try my homemade version to help them remember how important the potato is to our friends out east!  

I asked if anyone would like to try one and every hand shot up! There was enough for two each and before passing out the second one, I asked the kids if they were surprised at first by the combination of chocolate and chips and sure enough, many were!  

It was manners and enthusiastic responses galore, making this an absolute pleasure to do for my students!  


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