September 11, 2015

Our first Fun-Friday together!

We don't always have a theme on Fun Friday, but we did today: we're oh-fish-ially in grade three!  

It was a really fun afternoon! First, we read Linda Krantz's book called "Only One You" and then we had a quick drawing lesson and learned how to draw a cartoon fish! 

The story is full of great messages about how to take care of ourselves, each other and the planet and it's beautifully illustrated.  

It was verrrrry quiet in the room during our drawing time, let me tell you! Lots of concentrating going on.  

We got started with a great activity that I bought online a few years ago. You can see it pictured below. It gives students a chance to warm up their drawing skills and is especially beneficial for those who need the fine motor practice.  

I promised the boys and girls I would make a video about how to draw the fish so they could practice at home. I'd love for them to work on this over the weekend. 

Directed drawing activities such as this help children develop patience and perseverance; they also help to quiet the mind, which was part of the theme of the story. 

We'll have Fun Friday most Fridays.  I say "most" because from time to time, we may have to work on other tasks, especially when we begin more intense EQAO preparation.

Thank you for all your support in making this such a great week first week of school! 


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