September 09, 2015

Preparing for the Weekly Poem of the Week tests

Each week (usually Fridays, but sometimes Thursdays) we have our Poem of the Week test. The red duotang that comes home each night is what we call our "POTW book".  It contains all 40 of the poems we'll cover this week.  

The document found in the link below will assist parents in preparing their child for the weekly tests.  

This week, we'll write the test altogether. This gives us an opportunity to set expectations for tests and helps the boys and girls transition confidently into this new routine in our classroom.  

It's important to note that we review the poem every day as part of Morning Message. We  discuss the unique features of the poem daily, so come test day, students should be able to anticipate the questions that will appear on the test. 

This helps the boys and girls to improve their listening comprehension and study skills as they see the link between what is focused on in class and questions that appear on the test.  

POTW Test Study Guide


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