September 22, 2015

What is Morning Work?

Each morning, as part of our routine, the boys and girls will be assigned something called Morning Work.  

Students are expected to read the Smartboard upon entry and then begin their Morning Work if they can. 

This is an example of a Morning Work activity. 

Morning Work is always a purposeful activity that reviews Math or Literacy skills. Sometimes the activity will provide practice with a concept that we are currently working on and other times, it will be a concept that has been already covered in Grade Three.  

This morning, the boys and girls completed the activity pictured above.  I made a video outlining the instructions for the activity for two reasons: 1) so children could practice listening for information 2) if a child was away today, they could watch the video on the blog and know how to complete the task upon their return.  

Work that is not completed in the designated time will be assigned as homework. 


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