October 02, 2015

A very tasty Fun Friday!

We had a great afternoon today! 
It was an apple-themed Fun Friday! Because everything is more fun with partners, markers and chart paper, we solved some apple-related Math problems using the five (sometimes four) steps to problem solving we discuss in our Morning Message (pictured below).  

This was a great opportunity for me to roam the room and get a feel for where my students are at in terms of their problem solving skills. We're in great shape, that's for sure! We just needed more time and that's my fault for over-planning. I think we should have started this activity in the morning and carried it on in the afternoon, but what can you do.

These are the problems the students had to solve today.
They did theirs on chart paper.  

Early finishers were given a set of sequencing cards. The task was to put the cards in order to make the recipe for the applesauce we enjoyed this afternoon!  

You read that correctly! The kids in 208 enjoyed homemade applesauce today! It smelled positively heavenly in our class! I promised that I would post the recipe on the blog because many students indicated they would be (politely, of course) requesting that their moms make it this weekend.  If you do make it, you MUST get that Starfrit apple peeler from earlier in the week. I peeled 25 apples last night in less than 20 minutes!!! 
Get this apple-peeler!

Today was so, so  great! It was such a nice end to our fourth week together.  Who wouldn't love to hear, "This is the greatest thing I've ever tasted!"  on a Friday! That comment made my day!  

Here's a link to the printable version of the applesauce recipe (I left out the cloves this time 'round).  


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