October 15, 2015

Everything went right today! (except for one thing)

I'll be honest...the thing that went wrong today was my fault. I didn't mark the Math quizzes and instead reveled in the coziness that is independent reading time in my classroom. I was supposed to mark the quizzes while the kids were reading, but I couldn't resist. They all looked so cute and cozy reading in their various poses and spaces that I needed to sit back and take it all in.  It was pretty special.

Today they were all about the furniture. I love it when then tell me the classroom feels like home...makes my heart melt and DEFINITELY makes asking Mr. M to lug up all that used-to-be-in-our-house-furniture to Room 208 worth it. 

We're *this close* to finishing up our first class novel. It's called "There's a Boy in the Girl's Washroom" and I've read it a zillion times and it never loses its sparkle.  Tomorrow, we'll start working on a reading activity that will help the boys and girls dip their toes into the world of providing evidence for their ideas and opinions.  This "laying of the groundwork" will help students to prepare for both EQAO and future adventures with expository writing.  

We did indeed have a quiz today (see picture below). Everyone is in good shape in terms of solving problems of this nature. One area where home practice would be beneficial is subtraction problems that use big-time regrouping (e.g. 800-145).  

And that's that! It was a smooth day, with lots of great learning! Looking ahead to next week, I'm thinking that many of the activities and concepts-to-be-learned that I had planned for this week will carry over.  I do tend to over-plan and until I can keep your kids 'til bedtime, I have a feeling this will be a common statement here on the blog.  


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