October 06, 2015

Please be on time

As your child's teacher, I pride myself in providing the very best learning experience for all of my students.  When children are persistently late, the entire class is impacted. 

Everyone's learning is interrupted so that the teacher can bring the late student up to speed or help them get settled. This interruption of learning and instruction means the teacher needs to modify the lesson in order to make it fit in the now shortened window of time. As a teacher who likes to plan and present dynamic and interactive lessons, I appreciate it when interruptions to my students' learning are minimized.  

Like all teachers at our wonderful school, I need my students at school on time. 

I understand that there are mornings where things go off track and being late is unavoidable. My concern here is around persistent lateness. 

My hope is that moving forward, all students will be delivered to school on time, ready to start their day and enjoy the interesting and engaging lessons I have created for them.  


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