October 14, 2015

Reviewing our skills with Kahoot!

Have you heard of Kahoot? I started using it last year and it's one of my favourite learning tools! 

Kahoot is a great resource for helping students (and grown ups too) review skills. There are a zillion other uses for Kahoot, but right now, I'm using it to help my students learn about adjectives and nouns, along with determining which form of there/their/they're to use in a sentence. It's highly engaging because it is so interactive.  

It also gives me a chance to address a whole host of digital responsibilities with my students. And because students are sharing the iPads, they also have an opportunity to collaborate with their classmate as they venture through each Kahoot quiz.  

Have a look at the video I made below to check out Kahoot for yourself! After the video, head on over to their website to create your own Kahoots! 


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