October 19, 2015

Week 7 has arrived!

I think we have two weeks worth of lessons this week. I really do.  Can I seriously keep them 'til 6:00 every night?  You send dinner and we'll carry on learning.  

We're focusing on many new things this week and next, but we're also being mindful of some on-going goals. Specifically, I'm talking about conventions in our writing. This includes, punctuation, spelling, did I choose the right form of the word, did I use capitals correctly, etc. We're also talking a lot about how hard it is for readers to understand the author's message if they get bogged down in trying to decipher words.  And the big challenge is for students to find those errors on their own. We're also talking about making our work look "smart" and that means it's neat and easy to read. 

In reading, we're talking about fluency. I'll use the two storybooks in the photo below to demonstrate all the different ways good readers show fluency.  

Have a look below to see the six habits of fluent readers.  

Looking ahead to next week, I'm thinking we'll have our first Math test on Tuesday.  I'll post a Practice Test and checklist later in the week that can be downloaded and printed.  

Please click on the photo below to get a more detailed look at what we're up to this week! 


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