November 15, 2015

A bit of a change...

Every good teacher knows that if something isn't working in her classroom or for a particular student, then she needs to go back to the drawing board and try things from a different angle.  
Every good teacher also knows that sometimes the best lessons happen spontaneously.  

For these reasons, I've decided not to continue posting our "weekly plan" on the blog.  I had started this back in June of last year and *kinda* liked it. I was on the fence in September and decided to give it a fair shake. It's been ten weeks and it's not working for me.

One of the best things about being a teacher is being creative and letting your students show you where they need you to go in terms of their learning needs. This can be hard when you've announced to the world on Sunday what you intend to accomplish that week.  In other words, I felt locked in and it was starting to stress me out.  

Tuesday night I gave myself permission to shelve this weekly plan idea because I think it's a win for everyone. My little learners get exactly what they need instruction-wise and I have a bit more wiggle room to make sure they are confident in their knowledge and understanding before moving on to the next task or concept. 

I'd prefer to spend my blogging hours telling you about what we have accomplished rather than raising concerns as to why we aren't finished a particular task from the weekly plan.

In my 17 years in the classroom, I have tried all kinds of new things that really worked, but this wasn't one of them, and I'm not going to let anything get in the way of me being the very best teacher I can to my students.  


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