November 25, 2015

A mid-week update

We've had a really busy week! The boys and girls are excited to go shopping at the book fair on Thursday morning. I was informed today by one chickadee that the Geronimo Stilton mascot that's been roaming the school is not *thee* real Geronimo Stilton. I appreciated this because if I'm going to devote a page in my autograph book to G.S, he'd better be the real deal!

We've had some fun with this poster this week! 

We're continuing our work in the "Those Shoes" booklet I created. I'm really pleased with the quality of answers and responses the students have written. I can see an effort being made to focus on our latest writing goals pictured in the post below. One goal (the No-Excuse one) is an ongoing goal of ours; one that I'd really like to see all students master. 

Throughout this booklet, I've asked students to come visit with me at our reading table. We review what they've done so far, they get a little bit of feedback or progress update and then they get back to work. It's a really effective way to keep track of the activity and give them that ongoing feedback that is so essential. The reading table is a lot like the family kitchen table during homework time. It's a mess, there's lots of good discussion and everyone gets to have a little bit of Mom/Dad/Mrs. M's attention.  

Our reading table is even complete with my old kitchen cupboards that Mr. M delivered to our class a few years ago! 

In Math we learned about hatch marks.  Once we had that mastered, we moved on to the second problem on the page pictured below. That actually proved to be quite challenging for the boys and girls! It was fun to watch them problem solve how to draw a triangle with two equal sides.

It turned out to be a bit trickier than they anticipated. The most common problem the kids ran into was this: they could get two sides equal, but for some reason, that third side often ended up being the same length as the others and that's not what the problem specified! Lots of hands on learning with this one! 

A reminder that Friday is a PA Day. We'll have our POTW test for this week on Monday. I totally forgot to have the boys and girls record this in their agendas, so we'll hold off until next week.  


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