November 16, 2015

Future best-sellers right here!

Tonight I marked the boys and girls Reading Response Letters (RRLs) for a story I wrote called This is NOT a Halloween Story.  

Students were charged with choosing three of the six topics pictured below to write about. I was so excited about this because in the past, I've set this assignment up to be a bit more structured. Each letter was like a little present!  Can you imagine how exciting it is to write a story and then have your own students read it and write about it? 

The quality of my students' work is off the charts! I'm telling you, this is one talented group and I attribute that to their commitment to success and the checklist we created (pictured below).  
Each child will receive their response letter from me which highlights things they did well and what I'd like to see on their next letter or paragraph or story or whatever.  Many students received the suggestion to include comments and plusses next time. Students will bring their work and my feedback home on Tuesday night for parent signatures.  

You can read all about plusses and comments in this post from last year right here

I want my students to see the value in implementing feedback, so on Tuesday, when students start writing their responses to prompts and questions from our new story (I didn't write this one) called Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelts, they'll be expected to use my feedback right away so I can help them see how their writing has improved. 


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