November 12, 2015

Look at all this great work!

One of the things I love about being a teacher are those moments (usually in the middle of the night) where I come up with what I think will be a great activity for my students. 

The night before the Remembrance Day Liturgy, I came up with this cinquain poetry template for my students.  After the Liturgy we brainstormed a list of words that were associated with Remembrance Day and then off they went. 

The quality of their work is outstanding and really special. I'm going to post the poems on the bulletin board outside our classroom for the entire school community to read.  

Of course, completing this creative writing activity meant that something had to be pulled from that weekly plan I posted back on Monday and I'm actually going to talk about this on Sunday, so do come back. Good teachers know they need to make changes when things aren't working. This weekly plan thing might be stifling me a bit creativity-wise.  So let's talk on Sunday.  

The rounding folders are just about finished and they turned out to be one of the best activities students have completed thus far.  I am so pleased with the learning that took place throughout this process. My students even self-assessed their own work and could quickly identify when they rounded incorrectly. 

Just to tie this altogether, I added in some problem solving on the back panel. This way, students could use those skills from our last unit in Math. This was a win-win for everyone. I love it when my students complete high-quality, purposeful tasks and my little learners love it when they get to create!   I did ongoing marking of this project, so it'll be coming home on Friday to stay.  Those students who are not yet finished will bring theirs home as soon as they are done.  


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