December 02, 2015

It's lunch...let's chat!

The kids are outside for lunch as we speak and my coffee from this morning is stone cold.  Someone needs to talk to Tim's about a mobile coffee stop.  

I'm loving this new notebook I picked up over the weekend at Homesense. It's pretty and sparkly and kinda looks like it came from Tiffany's and it's making me feel oh so productive. I love a good list and even more, I love checking things off my list. 

This morning and then again after lunch, we're going to "make things happen" in Social Studies. We're talking about the Hudson Bay Lowlands and we're going to do some investigative work with our elbow partners. Students will receive an article with some questions that are fairly tight in terms of their responses.  As we progress through our Social Studies work this year, the questions will become more open-ended and students will do more of their own investigations

Right now, our focus is on how to find answers and that needs to be directly taught. How do we use non-fiction text features and search engines to assist us: that's the focus right now.  

We've been talking a lot about collaboration and self-regulation lately, so I thought I would have my students do a little self-assessing at the end of all this. Nowadays, more so than ever, we must work with our colleagues and teammates to make it all happen, so exercises such as this one are really beneficial for my little learners.   


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