December 09, 2015

Oh my word, what a hilarious day!

Maybe it was the venti-Starbucks this morning, I don't know, but when I got to school this morning, I was
My brother likes to tease me that I get up so early in the morning, I break bones and they have enough time to heal before most (normal) people wake up. It's this running joke that won't go away, and it's really funny when he says it because he sounds like some kind of old-school southern preacher when he gets to the "heal" part.  

By the time I got to school this morning, I had ran 5k, baked buns (I giggle whenever I say this word), done my groceries at Walmart and sewn a button on Mr. M's shirt.  
Why can't every morning be this productive!

Oh,and for some reason, a trip to Starbucks for the XL coffee seemed like a good idea.  

By 8:30, I was all "Look out kids, you don't know what you're in for!" 

We covered three days worth of material today, I'm sure.  In fact, we had so much to do, I set the timer on my laptop/Smartboard and made a giant to-do list. The kids thought it was hysterical because I was all, "There's no time for two syllable words!" and "Can you eat your snack while doing Math and painting your craft? Can you? Can you?" 

The funny thing is, we got it all done.  Well, just about, but that's okay, we got the big stuff done and saved the funnest item until tomorrow.  

I really wanted to blog tonight about our procedural writing activity (What does Mrs. Claus do on Christmas Eve?) but today was just so funny that I wanted to let you in on it.  

Come back tomorrow for all the news about this awesome writing activity we're doing. It's really great! 

It's now 7:30-ish and this girl is ready for bed!  That coffee wore off a loooong time ago and since we were all so productive today, I think I'll hit the sack early.  Who knows what the kids are in for tomorrow! LOL! 

We also had this fun moment where we finished memorizing our counting by 7s song! 

One more thing! We're having a Spirit Day on Friday and the kids and staff are invited to wear red and green or any other Christmas duds they have! I'd love for my entire class to participate in this!  


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