December 06, 2017

Wednesday's Geometry quiz

We had a geometry quiz on Wednesday and I wanted to share a few level four samples with blog visitors. This video was made on Wednesday afternoon when we took the quiz up together.  The photos are exemplars from 2015. 

By sharing these exemplars from my students, parents and fellow classmates can more fully understand why they received the score they did and in the case of my students, use this information to help them self-assess their strengths and needs.

In the last few weeks, the boys and girls have learned all about parallel lines, hatch marks and the word congruent. 

I came upon this work of art at the airport a few summers ago and made a quick recording to show the boys and girls how parallel lines work. Now, although it will look like it, I assure you I was not doing jumping jacks while filming it. Perhaps the shakey camera is just matter of too much coffee that morning? But seriously, can one ever really have too much coffee?! 


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