January 07, 2016

And we're off!

We started Unit 3 in our Math program program before Christmas.  The boys and girls are learning all about geometry. 
Recently, we have begun a focus on a new word: attribute

I created a nifty little activity for the kids to complete that encompasses several lessons from this unit. I'm calling it our "Attribute Folder".

This is a very rich learning activity. In addition to learning about the related math concepts (attributes in general, sorting shapes according to two or three attributes) the boys and girls will also learn other important skills such as:
  • how to use a textbook glossary to assist with definitions
  • the importance of keeping one's learning materials organized 
  • cutting and gluing with care
  • listening to instructions closely
  • asking for clarification when things are not clear
  • the importance of laying things out prior to gluing  
It was lots of fun and we're not done yet! 
When this comes home, the boys and girls will be able to tell you all kinds of new things. They'll be expected to take you on a little "tour" of Grade Three sorting, if you will.  

I love rich activities like this. I certainly wouldn't call this an art-slash-math lesson by any means, but it is still a great learning activity. 

My hope is that by creating their own learning tool, students will develop a fuller understanding of the concepts related to this unit of study. I'm also hoping they will be able to use the skills learned from this task and apply them to some of the other higher-level thinking problems we'll be exploring over throughout the remainder of this unit.  


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