January 09, 2016

Friday Round-Up

I always like the week back after Christmas. First of all, I'm ready to get back into a routine (how much fudge for breakfast can you really consume?) and second, the kids return to school enthusiastic and ready to learn. Something happens after Christmas break and I don't think it's related entirely to the fact that Santa has come and gone and the hype is over.  

Students just seem more settled overall.  It's like they've had time to let all their learning simmer nicely over the break and when they come back, they've made these incredible connections and their hard drives have consolidated all kinds of skills and files.  It's really something to witness. There's no "let me remind you of the routines and procedures of our classroom" chat on that Monday. They literally return ready to go...more ready to go than I am, and I'm usually pretty pumped.  

So having said that, it was indeed a terrific week! We had lots of great read-alouds, a few new Math lessons (test coming next week by the way-more on that on Monday) and started our Social Studies study (say that three times fast!) on the Canadian Shield.  
Our attribute folders are finished! They came home to stay on Friday.  
Students reviewed what they've learned over the years
about three-dimensional solids this week. 
Fun Friday consisted of this super-fun Super-hero activity I created, followed by a bunch of Math games I "borrowed" from Pinterest and customized to suit my needs.  

This week's POTW was all about some pretty imaginative plans, so to extend that theme, I asked the boys and girls to apply that same creativity to their own super-hero and they had a ball doing it! We're not quite finished yet, and it will make for a great start to the week on Monday, but I'm really pleased with how descriptive and creative their sentences were.  

I know I've said this before and I'm sure you're tired of reading it, but if you're not already doing so, please consider following Me and My Threes on Instagram. Just click on the link up there in the top right of the page. It's really like a mini-blog itself and it's so fun to share snapshots from our day with followers.  If you don't already have an account, create one and set it to private, just so you can follow us. You won't regret it, I promise.  

Here's more of our week in pictures: 

My resolution to keep a tidier desk throughout the day was a fail. I think
I lasted until 9:00 am on Monday.

To get students thinking about our next Math unit (data-management) we've been
looking at picto-graphs in Morning Message.

We've also been focusing on these two writing goals this week.
Correct capital letter use (e.g. we don't use them randomly in the middle of a word/sentence)  and
copying words correctly from questions/texts are
two areas where we need to focus, so we will stay with these goals for a while.  


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